Students enroll in Great Plains IDEA courses at their home institution according to the enrollment dates set at their university. Please contact the University's Campus Coordinator for specific enrollment information.

Enrollment Deadline

The date when open enrollment ends for Great Plains IDEA program students. After this date a student must contact their Campus Coordinator to proceed with enrollment.

Exchange Date

The day when the Lead Institution reviews the wait list and adds students to courses if space is available and approved by the teaching faculty member.

Wait List

The Great Plains IDEA Lead Institution maintains a wait list to be used when a course reaches capacity prior to the enrollment deadline OR for any student who is not admitted to a Great Plains IDEA program. There are three situations when a student may be added to the wait list:
  1. The course has reached capacity.
  2. The student is admitted to a Great Plains IDEA program and the course they desire is in a different Great Plains IDEA program.
  3. The student is not admitted to a Great Plains IDEA program.

The Lead Institution will manage the wait list and after the exchange date will be responsible for adding to students to course rosters if space is available. The Lead Institution will contact Campus Coordinators when students at their institution are added to a class. Students should contact the Campus Coordinator at their University to be added to the wait list and for updates on their status on the wait list.

Please check the Great Plains IDEA Calendar for the current Enrollment Deadlines and Exchange Dates.