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Program Mission: Through inter-institutional collaboration, the MS in Dietetics program will prepare dietetic professionals for evidence-based advanced practice.

The online, 36-credit hour master's degree in Dietetics sponsored by the Great Plains IDEA enables dietitians to apply cutting-edge information in food, nutrition, food service management and wellness to enhance dietetics practice. Students successfully completing the program learn to think independently and critically to evaluate and apply new research concepts and theories to advance their professional practice.

The Great Plains IDEA online master's degree in Dietetics requires 36 credit hours of coursework. There are 9 credit hours of core courses, 21 credit hours of electives, and a 6-credit hour Thesis/Comprehensive Paper or Project, as required by the student's home institution.

Elective courses cover a variety of topics to meet the diverse needs of dietetics professionals. Electives include clinically-oriented nutrition courses, community or public health nutrition courses, healthcare administration, management-oriented courses, food science, foodservice management, and more.

Admission Requirements:
  • Students applying to the program must hold the credential of Registered Dietitian (RD) -OR- must have met both the academic and supervised practice requirements of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and be ready to sit for the national credentialing exam to become a Registered Dietitian.
  • Must meet the Master's program entrance requirements of the admitting university. Typically this requires a minimum of at least a 3.0 undergraduate grade point average (or 3.0 on the last 60 hours of coursework in the undergraduate degree).
  • The GRE or GMAT may be required by some participating institutions.

Degree titles vary by institution. Consult each institution for the title as it will appear on the diploma.


Students select one university to be their "home institution", this is the university to which you apply, enroll and pay tuition. Students must meet the admissions requirements of the home institution. Contact the Campus Coordinator at the institution you wish to call "home" for more information.

Colorado State University Gayle Roslund
Iowa State University Karen Smidt
Kansas State University Rachel Ohmes
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Diane Nelson
North Dakota State University Karen Murie
Oklahoma State University Susan Malec
South Dakota State University Theresa Ireland
University of Kansas Medical Center Kendra Spaeth

Student Resources

Student Success Center

The online hub of resources to support your academic and student experience.

Learning Management Systems

Students use the Learning Mangaement System at the teaching university. Contact the campus coordinator for more information.

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